Rooted and Grounded: Welcome

“There is an invisible soil that we grow in. Supposing, down at our roots, we began taking in minerals of non-violence, measuring our development by the conditioned photosynthesis of an inward light.” – R.S. Thomas

I’ve titled this blog “Rooted & Grounded” because that’s the kind of person I hope to be – rooted, grounded, close to the earth; rooted & grounded in God’s love and love for others; knowing the roots where I come from and opening myself to reach out roots into new soil. Grounded, down-to-earth, present in the moment, watching for and anticipating the new buds and shoots that continue to grow.

I hope you’ll join me here as I share my story and welcome yours. The sharing of stories is power–toward empathy, connection, growth, and understanding. Welcome.

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